asymptote inc provides methods and tools for innovative risk management. We focus on risk identification, the start point for robust risk assessment and mitigation; risks not identified are risks not managed.

Risk, of what?

A risk is something that might happen. The something is usually taken to be untoward and, if it really happens, the risk becomes a risk event. A risk begins as an idea, a subjective expectation made with uncertainty. The expectation may be taken to be objective if the risk is modeled and associated with a reliable probability of occurrence. But most risks associated with wicked problems are subjective in origin. Understanding how something subjective can result in an objective reality provides a critical lens into the construction of social risk.

Social Risk

We extend the concepts in subjective engineering into social risk- risks whose associated events emerge unexpectedly through the interaction of humans and machines. The scope of risk identification dramatically expands when it includes an understanding of how risks become real events through the learned experience and beliefs of all actors in a social environment.

Social Reality

The key concept is social reality- reality constructed with real actions of individuals based on commonly held facts and beliefs, like risk. Collectively these actions can then emerge as risk events. Stock markets crash because investors believe they will. Social response to the risk begets the event.

What we Do

We assist clients with identification and assessment of risk. With a variety of customized educational programs, we help designers and developers understand and explore the social risks attached to their plans. A constructivist approach to scenario-based methods of risk identification enhances the opportunity to reveal dramatic social risks.

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